8 Practical Tips Working in 2016

Search engine optimization, as with most online operations, requires paying attention to the changing landscape. While many techniques become standard practice, others are only short-term trends that eventually lose their power. Many site owners persist with the old methods, but their chances of achieving top rankings are heavily reduced. Only experience creates the ability to determine knowledgeable tips, SEO knowledge will always create differences of opinion, there are some techniques bringing positive results to people operating in a variety of niches and industries. The following tip might not offer a complete blueprint, but it should still be at the heart of a campaign to reach the top positions.

User Engagement

Search engines want users to find exactly what they were looking for after clicking a link. If a user does not engage with the content (usually clicking back from the page) you can anticipate a demotion in the rankings. Typically, an article of original content will rank better than a page without much to engage people.

Mobile Optimization

The rise of mobile usage has meant your website strategy must take into account all devices. If your site is not optimized for mobile, you can expect a penalty with the mobile search rankings. This focus on mobile devices will only grow, so ensuring your site is responsive should be a major priority. The rise in mobile shopping also means ecommerce sites have to prioritize mobile optimization.

Social Media

A strong social media presence is expected of a business, with even the smallest enterprise likely to have a Facebook or Twitter page. Social sites often rank for branded terms, so it is clear to see their importance as reputable platforms. Content shared across social media plays a part in helping the search engines understand the popularity and relevance of content, with content syndication creating backlinks and citations.

Rich Answers

Rich Answers appear at the top of the Google search page, usually answering a direct question asked by a user. Many of the answers could be quite simple, such as population size, capital city, or important date, but there are also more niche answers related to recipes, coding, and exercise. Make sure to include content on your pages that is simple to understand, answers a direct question, and is of a high quality. In many cases, users will click from Google to your site.

Video Marketing

Ranking videos within Google and Bing can bring plenty of traffic, but YouTube also now ranks among the most popular search engines. You can now focus on ranking internally on YouTube, with the additional possibility of a Google search ranking. It is important to do thorough keyword research, select an enticing title, and promote the video heavily. If you can get the video embedded across many sites, you can anticipate a good ranking.

Local Searching

The growth of local is not likely to slow down, with search engines keen to provide a relevant response to searches around the world. If you have a public store or organization, even in a competitive niche, local searchers could find your result based on your location. Achieving a good local ranking involves adding business information to directories and business sites, accurately completing Google and Bing business pages, and encouraging customers to leave reviews.

Blog Comments

Blog comments have two benefits for a marketing campaign. Firstly, new comments help to bring search bots back to your site as it frequently receives updates. Secondly, comments add new content to the page, offering a variety of new, related keywords to the page. By responding to comments, you can also shape the type of additional keywords found across the site.

Engaging Title

An engaging title has always helped bring visitors to a page, but it continues to be important as search engines pay close attention to click-through rate. Your site could be lower down the page, but a strong title can lead to more searchers clicking on your site. Gradually, your page can rise without any additional work required.

Employing these strategies, both on your main site and additional properties, should be enough to see an increase in traffic. Many sites now focus on ranking for many keywords, so a successful optimization campaign can lead to improvements across a variety of search phrases. Optimizing your site for searches will always be a long-term endeavor, but staying on top of current trends will always give you a head start on the competition.