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How valuable can inbound links to your website be? Well with our backlink SEO tool it will check the total backlinks your site has and also let you know the value of each link. How does our backlink checker search engine optimization tool work? Our backlink checker will run multiple tests so we can determine the amount of backlinks that are directed to the website or URL you enter. Using our backlink checker tool we have also implemented software that allows us to determine how authoritative the backlink is that is being directed to your site. In most cases, the higher the page rank the more authoritative the backlink should be.

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The software also will inform you about any problems or errors for each specific link. There are many reasons why backlinks are important, especially if they are good quality backlinks. In most cases, the more backlinks you have coming into your website usually will help to increase your Google page rank. Although that is not always the case it would be better to have 10 quality backlinks  vs. 100 low-quality backlinks. There are many websites that will actually purchase a great deal of low-quality backlinks for cheap.  They are thinking about quantity over quality buying all these cheap backlinks and that they will have all these sites linking to their site.  When in reality Google has already figured this out a while ago and they have started penalizing websites for doing this.