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About Word Counter

What is a Word Counter?

A word counter is a word count and a character count tool. It is a very simple tool to begin using you can either just go ahead and start typing or paste an article or paper you have already written into the word counter. The word counter will automatically begin to start counting the number of words and characters with a live word calculator.

Knowing the exact number of words or characters in a certain document, paper, or article can be important. So let's just say a professor required you to write a certain amount of words for an article or paper. Our free online word counter will let you know in seconds if your article or paper meets their requirements. Also, our free online word counter software will automatically show you the 10 most used words you have used in your article or paper and the keyword density of the article you're writing or uploaded. This will help you to identify the keywords you use most often and even break down the percentages for the keywords in the article. This can help with a few things from showing you that you have used a certain word more than you would like in your article. It also helps to make sure you have the correct keyword distribution you're looking to attain. If, you would like a more in-depth look into your keyword density please check out our Keyword Density Checker.

Another fun thing that people will use word counters for is to check your typing or reading speed. We will be implementing a new tool shortly specifically for this but for the time being if you have a stopwatch or timer. You can just start the timer and check how many words you have written or read in that period of time.